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For the work assignment system to provide equal opportunity for al applicants, complete cooperation and strict adherance to these established rules must be adhered to by all concerned.

If you are unemployed and desire to register for work, you must do so by completing an application for the out of work books by personal appearance at the South Charleston Union Office, completing a application online via the website or by facsimile to (304) 744-5649.  Office hours for the South Charleston office are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  You are required to give complete information as to your qualifications and other pertinent information as required on the out of work application.

Rule #1:  It is essential that you fill out the application completely, answering all questions, as you will be called to work according to the qualifications that you have provided, provided you are next on the list in your respective group.

Rule #2:  When you have accepted an assignment and have worked fifteen (15) days or more, you will not be called again until you report and re-register at the Union office that you are again available, at which time, your name will be placed on the out of work list in your respective group.

NOTE:  Anyone who accepts an assignment and voluntarily quits prior to working fifteen (15) days, shall be required to re-register, at which time your name will be placed on the out of work list in your respective group.

Rule #3:  If you refuse an assignment, you will be placed on the bottom of your respective group.  If you refuse a second assignment, you will be removed from the out of work list until such time as you re-register.

Rule #4:  In the event you cannot be reached by telephone, you will remain on the list.  In the event you cannot be reached by phone a second time, you will be placed at the bottom of the list of your respective group.  In the event that you cannot be reached by phone a third time, you will be notified by mail that your name has been removed from the out of work list.

Rule #5:  At times, requests are made by an Employer for emergency help.  In this event, if the contact point is such a distance you could not fulfill the requiest, you will be by-passed but will hold your place on the list in your respective group.

Rule #6:  In order for you to be eligible for work assignment, you must have a telephone number where you can be reached.  It is your responsiblility to call and update your phone number and address if it changes.

Rule #7:  Applicants will be permitted to have their name placed on the following area's list if the applicant requests (Charleston area, Parkersburg area, Fairmont area, Beckley/Bluefield area).  Applicants may request to have their names added to the Huntington area book.

Rule #8:  If you are registered on the out of work list and it is determined by the Local Union that you are working in the industry within your geographical area, your name will be removed from the list and you will not appear on the list again until such time as you re-register.

Rule #9:  Members of the minitary who are called to Active Duty will be removed from the list and returned to their original place on the list when they are released from Active Duty.

Rule #10:  Applicants, including members that are on suspension or withdrawal and non-members of Local 175, will be assessed a $20 per month referral fee to stay current on the books.  This fee is to offset the cost of the referral system.  The fee is to be paid by the last business day of the month to the local to be on the books for the following month.  You are permitted to pay up ot 6 months of referral fees.  If you return to work before the end of the 6 months, you can request a refund or apply it to your dues.  The request must be made within 3 months of returning to work.  It is the applicant's responsiblility to make this request in a timely fashion to receive a refund or apply it to your dues. 

Rule #11:  Applicants that are members of Local 175 will be eligible to be on the out of work list if they currently are in good standing with the union and will not pay the $20 referral fee.

Rule #12:  Any member abandoning an ongoing job without the approval of the Construction Business Agent or Executive Board, will be disqualified from the Referral System, up to and including a permanent disqualification.

Your application will remain in effect for a period of six (6) months.  If you desire to remain on the out-of-work list for a period longer than six (6) months, you must re-register.  The union will not accept a new application prior to 30 days of your expiration to 6 months.  However, if the applicant's credentials change within that time, they can contact the local to update that information via website, email or fax.

In order to retain your place on the out of work list, you must pay your fee by the last BUSINESS day of each month and be in compliance with Rule #3.  Without prior approval from the Union, the local must receive your payment by the last business day to be on the books for the next month.  If you do not pay the referral fee, you will not be eligible for call out.  If you pay the fee for the following month, you will be put back on the bottom of your current book.

Local 175 members, including those on the Huntington books, do not owe the referral fee if they are currently paying dues.  If a Local 175 member becomes suspended or goes on withdrawal status, they will remain on the out of work books for the month and then they are responsible for paying the $20 referral fee to remain on the out of work books for the following month.

In the event any job applicant is agrieved, (1) with their failure to qualify for registration or (2) with their group classification or (3) with their order of referral, they must, within ten (10) days, file with the person in charge of Registration and Referral Office, a written statement of the specific complaint setting forth the violation charged.  A Committee consisting of an employee representative, a union representative and a Union Chairman, shall consider the greivance and render a decision which shall be final and binding.  The Committee is authorized to issue procedural rules for conduct of its business, and it is not authorized to add to, subtract from, or modify any of the provisions of this system and its decision shall be in accord with the system and which decision shall be final and binding on all parties.


PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS.  If jobs are available, applicants will be called on the basis of the information they have provided.  Therefore, it is important that all questions relating to the type of work you can perform and all questions relating to CDL License and the endorsements be answered.

Last Name: 
First Name: 
If you are not nor have ever been a Teamster, please leave Local # and Dates section blank.
          Local Number: 
          Dates: From:    To: 
Email Address: 
Street Address:
City, State:
Telephone Other: 
EMPLOYMENT HISTORY, Starting with most recent
Employer Name: 
Employer Address:
Type of Work Performed: 
          Other, please explain: 
Location of Job: 
Dates of Employment: 
Employer Name: 
Employer Address:
Type of Work Performed: 
          Other, please explain: 
Location of Job: 
Dates of Employment: 
Pleae indicate the type of work you are qualified to perform.
Flatbody Truck
Grapple Truck 
End Dump
777/619 Cat
Boom Truck (Certified)
Water Truck
350 Pay Hauler
Semi-Dump; Semi-Trailer 
Mixer Truck (Concrete)
Low Boy Truck
A-Frame Operator
Road Driver
Fork Truck/Tellehandler
Fuel Truck
Track Truck
Truck Mechanic
Mechanic: Do you own your own truck?  YES
Please use the following space to add any details you feel is valuable to your application / work history:
Do you have any of the following?
CDL License
          ID Number: 
          Class: B  C  D  E
          Passenger Vehicle (Bus)
          Double / Triple
          Hazardous Material / Tank
          Tank Vehicle
          Hazardous Material
Work performed in Interstate Commerce requires an ICC Physical Examination. Check box if you have the following and provide the expiration date if requested.
ICC / DOT Card  Expiration Date: 
Drug Card   Expiration Date: 
Please indicate which books you wish to be added to.  You may be added to all books or pick and choose.
By entering your name, you are certifying the information you have provided is accurate.  You must complete this form in its entirety.  If not, it will be returned to you for completion which will delay your position on the Out of Works books.

Use your mouse, finger, or touch device to write your signature.

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For many years, the members of this Local Union have contributed to and raised money for a local charity, West Virginia Children’s Home Society. CHS provides food and toys to families in need throughout West Virginia. Through generous donations, we were able to deliver 2 tractor trailers and several SUVs loaded with food, general household items as well as toys to a CHS location in Charleston. They then distributed the items to hundreds of families in WV. It was our biggest year yet. We estimated with donations and discounts, we delivered well over $50,000 in food and toys. You can be a part of this great even this year by offering a monetary donation. Our members plan to shop for food/toys in December and your help is greatly appreciated. We guarantee 100% of donations goes directly to WV families. If you would like to learn more about Children’s Home Society of West Virginia, please visit
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